It sounds a bit crazy, but it is true. The food you eat can have a chemical reaction with your blood type. You can have more energy, lose weight, and help prevent some diseases. Blood types can influence how some can lose weight easier than others or how some can stay vital and healthy for years. And if you don't have quality health care, this information could save you a lot of money in the future. 

Type O

Various supplements can help issues with stomach troubles and other problems faced with individuals with type O. High-protein is what works best and can include fish, poultry, lean meat, and vegetables. Beans, grains, and dairy products should be eaten lightly. Some good recipes include Baked Apple and Carrot Casserole, Banana Rice Biscuits, Chicken Cacciatore, Fish Pate, or Okra Delizia.

Type A

Vegetables and fruits are what works best with type A as well as a meat-free diet. These individuals usually have sensitive immune systems and can benefit from pure, fresh, and organic foods, including whole grains, legumes, and beans. Type A also has a natural high-level of cortisol (a stress hormone). To help balance those levels, you must reduce intake of caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. Some recipes include Bean Salad, Pasta with Swordfish, Pumpkin Bread, Quick Zucchini Salad, and Zucchini Muffins.

Type B

Eggs, certain meats, green vegetables, and low-fat dairy products are suggested. Sesame seeds, peanuts, buckwheat, wheat, lentils, corn, and tomatoes should be avoided. These foods can corrupt the efficiency of the metabolic process. As a result, you may suffer from fluid retention, fatigue, and hypoglycemia. Chicken can also cause issues. It contains an agglutinating (causing substances to stick together) lectin that can attack the bloodstream and cause immune disorders and may lead to strokes. Try to eat lamb, mutton, venison, goat, or rabbit.

Type AB

Seafood, tofu, green vegetables, and dairy are the main foods for good results. Alcohol, caffeine, and cured/smoked meats should be avoided. Type AB individuals usually have low stomach acid. Your body lacks the acid to metabolize correctly and the meat is usually stored as fat.

The main idea behind a blood type diet is staying healthier. Foods can have a chemical reaction with your specific blood type. Therefore, if you eat a diet specifically for your type, you will have more energy, lose weight, and avoid diseases. As you now see, you need to make a shopping list of the items you should be eating and be sure to observe it when dining out. You will feel much better if you observe these guidelines.