If you've recently left an abusive or toxic long-term relationship, or if you've never had much luck at securing partners from the dating scene, you may be anxious about your future and wondering if you're approaching your love life from the wrong direction. Without healthy relationship role models, what can you do to help improve your outlook and approach to finding love? Read on to learn more about some of the benefits a psychiatric consultation could have on your love life. 

When can a psychiatric evaluation help you on the dating scene? 

The relationship between romantic partners is comparable only to the bond between parent and child when it comes to depth of emotion and attachment. However, finding someone to share your life in a busy and complicated world can be difficult even for the most well-adjusted individuals out there. If you have unresolved emotional issues from childhood that may have driven you to unsuitable partners (or have prevented you from getting close to any partners at all), you may need assistance in unpacking this baggage so that you can move forward with a fresh outlook and new tactics.

While striking out a few times or remaining single for a period isn't a sign you need a psychiatric evaluation, if you're unhappy with your current status or find that you no longer trust yourself to make wise relationship decisions, it may be worthwhile to pursue this option to see if it can help reset some of your less healthy relationship behavior.

Will you need to continue follow-up psychiatric treatment to have success in your love life?

In some cases, an initial psychiatric evaluation can be enough to identify some potential problems and give you coping mechanisms or other ways to redirect your thoughts and actions to something more positive. However, in other situations, your psychiatrist may determine that you could benefit from follow-up therapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), talk therapy, or the use of antidepressants or other mood-stabilizing medication. While the idea of this treatment could seem intimidating, maintaining good mental and emotional health habits can be just as important as diet and exercise in ensuring a happy and healthy life. Investing in additional sessions or trying out a new antidepressant may be the boost you need to embark upon a healthy relationship as well as improve your interactions with friends, relatives, and other loved ones in the future.

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