Becoming a truck driver is a way to see the world and enjoy a profitable career. A commercial motor vehicle (CMV) is a motor vehicle used in interstate commerce to transport property or passengers. If you want to become an interstate CMV driver, then you have to meet certain qualifications. Read on to find out what about three things you need to become a truck driver.

Must Get A Medical Exam And Certificate

Most interstate CMV drivers are required to get a medical exam and certificate. CMV drivers who operate the following vehicles need a medical certificate: a vehicle with a gross weight over 10,000 pounds, a vehicle that is designed to carry over 15 people, and a placarded vehicle that is carrying hazardous materials. To get a medical certificate, you need to get a physical examination by a licensed Department of Transportation, or DOT, medical examiner.

If you are physically capable of driving the vehicle after a medical exam, then the examiner issues a Medical Examiner's Certificate. He or she also gives you a copy of the results. Your DOT physical examination is effective for up to 24 months.

Employers want to make sure you are healthy. They cannot put you on the road with health problems that can affect your driving. Health conditions put you, other drivers and whatever you are transporting at risk.

Driver's Qualification File

A driver's qualification (DQ) file is a necessity for most interstate commercial drivers. The need for a complete DQ file depends on the type and size of the vehicle. A DQ file must include an application of employment, your motor vehicle record, a certificate of the driver's road test, annual reviews of the driver's driving record and the medical examiner's certificate. Every motor carrier has to maintain a DQ file for all of their drivers.

Pass a Background Check

Trucking companies are required to perform a background check on potential employees. They want to hire someone with a safe driving record and no criminal history. These companies obtain this information by contacting your previous employers. They are basically looking to verify your identification and employment information.

Your driving record is another concern. Trucking companies want to know about any traffic accidents that you been in within the last three years.

If you are thinking about becoming a commercial driver, then you need to find out about the qualifications for your local area. This career can be rewarding, which makes it worth meeting the requirements.