Whether you've suffered an acute injury or you just feel that you're not at your physical best, it can be advantageous to schedule an assessment at a local physical therapy clinic. During this initial appointment, your therapist will put you through a range of exercises to test you in various areas. One of the things that will be tested is your overall range of motion, which can apply to joints such as your shoulders, hips, knees, and more. If your physical therapist indicates that your range of motion isn't where it should be, you can visit the clinic regularly to work on exercises that will improve your range of motion. Upon doing so, you'll begin to experience these benefits.

Less Pain

One of the chief benefits of improving your range of motion is that you'll begin to experience less pain. For example, if your hips have limited range of motion, you'll often be stiff and sore. You might feel that it's difficult to stand up after sitting on the couch, or you may get tired easily when you perform simple exercises such as walking. Your physical therapist will target this area with a series of stretches and exercises that will result in less physical pain.

Better Quality Of Sleep

A poor night's sleep can set the course for a miserable day. While there are many reasons that you might be sleeping poorly, a limited range of motion can often be a cause. For example, if you enjoy sleeping on your back but you have trouble bending your knees, you may adopt an awkward, straight position that isn't comfortable. Such issues can lead to plenty of tossing and turning, which will leave you feeling restless throughout the night. Your physical therapist's regimen of stretches and exercises can help you improve the range of motion of your knees, giving you the chance to bend them as much as you need to get into a comfortable position for sleeping.

Improved Muscle Strength

When you suffer from limited range of motion, some of your muscles will be underused. This can cause them to weaken, which is detrimental to your overall health. Weak muscles can leave you susceptible to injuries. For example, if you have issues with range of motion in your lower body, your muscles will lose strength and stability. This can potentially cause you to easily trip and fall, leading to a major injury. By improving your range of motion through physical therapy, you can retain muscle strength and decrease your risk of such injuries.

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