Cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold to treat various medical conditions. This technology is relatively new, but it is already being used with success in several different areas. Here's a look at what cryotherapy can do for you.

Cryotherapy Can Help You Lose Fat

Technology has been developed that uses the power of extreme cold to freeze fat cells in the body. This procedure is most commonly done where fat cells tend to accumulate. For example, no matter how well one eats or how much they exercise, abdominal fat never seems to want to go away. Nowm with the help of cryotherapy, these fat cells can be painlessly frozen. They then die and are removed via the body's waste system.

Cryotherapy Can Help Ease The Pain Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Just as applying an ice pack can help reduce swelling, pain, and inflammation when you break a bone, applying the intense cold of cryotherapy can also do the same. The pain relief will not be permanent, of course, but it will provide short-term relief. This can be useful in reducing the amount and type of drugs that are taken to deal with the side effects of rheumatoid arthritis. Regular cryotherapy sessions can also help increase physical activity and exercise, which is often lacking in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Inflammation is common in other conditions as well, such as diabetes, lupus, Lyme disease, and other chronic autoimmune diseases. Cryotherapy can be a useful weapon in your arsenal against inflammation.

Cryotherapy Can Help Reduce Muscle Pain

Athletes and others often end up with torn or strained muscles from moving the wrong way, injuries, or just normal wear and tear. Regular visits to the cryotherapy clinic in conjunction with physical therapy can improve the pain and may speed muscle healing.

Cryotherapy May Reduce Dementia

The research isn't available yet, but many people believe because of the way extreme cold affects the cells of warm-blooded mammals, cryotherapy may be useful against the oxidative stress that usually happens in those with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of age-related dementia.

Cryotherapy Can Treat Skin Conditions

Skin growths, such as skin tags and warts, are usually not serious, but they are certainly annoying. Rather than surgically excising them or burning them off with caustic chemicals, cryotherapy can be used to remove the benign growths. In the future, cryotherapy may also be useful in removing cancerous growths, both inside the body and outside.

To learn more about this procedure, reach out to a cryotherapy clinic near you.