When you're feeling really sick, it can impact your life in many ways. It's important to take the time to seek medical attention so that you can get the care that you need to get well again. You may not be sure if your situation requires an urgent care visit or an emergency room visit. Both of these medical facilities can help when you need care, but it may make sense to go to one over the other. Keep reading to better understand whether your illness or injury requires a visit to an urgent care clinic or to the emergency room.

You're Ill and Your Doctor Can't See You

Sometimes you may get sick and your regular doctor doesn't have any openings. The good news is that an urgent care clinic is a great fit! You can be seen in minutes, and you won't even need to have an appointment to get care. If you're sick or have an illness that is not a true emergency but your doctor can't see you, head to an urgent care clinic in your area. You won't want to use emergency services when other people can benefit from them during a true emergency. Urgent care clinics can help in many situations, including if you have the flu, a cold, allergy issues, a sprained ankle, pink eye, or an ear infection.

You're Having a Medical Emergency

If you're truly having a medical emergency, you'll want to head to the emergency room. The doctors and staff are capable of handling many medical situations, and they can get you the fast help that you need. Some examples of emergencies include chest pains, head injuries, seizures, fainting, or broken bones. You don't want to delay getting the care that you need, so it's best to head straight to the ER instead of going to the urgent care clinic only to be told that you need to go to the ER. 

If you do find that you need to go to an urgent care clinic, you'll be happy to know that these treatment centers are very popular and they're located throughout towns and cities. They're a great option if you need to be seen quickly, if you can't get an appointment at your regular doctor's office, or if you need to get care during odd hours of the days, like before work or in the evening after your workday. Contact an urgent care clinic in your area like the Walk-In Family Medicine Center if you have any questions.