If you are a concerned and caring parent, you know that children, especially young children, have child development milestones that they are meant to meet by a certain age. And while many children reach these child development milestones, many others do not. So, you may be wondering what you can and should do if your child misses one of these developmental milestones. Learn some of the steps you should take if this happens with your child. Then, you can be sure you are doing everything you can to care for and support your child and their overall well-being. 

1. Do Not Panic

As previously mentioned, many children do not meet all of the child development milestones at the exact age they are "meant" to do so. This is just the nature of growth. Not everybody grows and develops at the same rate. This does not mean that there is anything wrong with your child or that they are developmentally challenged in any way. So, do not panic if your child misses a milestone or two. Chances are in a few weeks or months, they will catch up and then some. Stay calm and be supportive of your child at the developmental level they are at. 

2. Contact Their Pediatrician

While you should not panic about your child missing a child development milestone, it is still a good idea to contact their pediatrician about it. Let them know what is going on and what milestone your child did not meet. Then, the pediatrician will decide whether to wait things out and see if your child catches up or if they would like to see your child in person. Just because they may want a visit does not mean there is anything wrong. The doctor might want to do a well-child visit to be sure nothing is going on with your child and assess where they are at. 

After the exam, your child's pediatrician can give you tips to help your child reach their milestones and/or may refer you to a specialist if they suspect a more serious developmental issue. It is better to know right away what is going on than wait and let things continue unchecked. If autism is involved, for example, early interventions and support can make a huge difference in development. 

When you know these steps to take if your child misses a development milestone, you can stay calm and contact their pediatrician right away. Learn more by contacting services like Northeast Wyoming Pediatric Associates Pc.