When you successfully complete a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program, you want to do everything possible to avoid the temptation to use again. You may need some additional time to readjust to society and normal life without using drugs or drinking again.

You may not yet be strong enough to return to your family home and be around old friends and acquaintances who knew you when you were an addict or alcoholic. Instead, you may benefit from moving into a sober living facility after you complete a stint in rehab.

Avoiding Temptations

If you were to go back to your family home and be around people who knew you while you were using or drinking, you may find it harder to resist the temptation to get high or drunk again. In fact, your old friends might still use or drink themselves. They may tempt you to take just one drink of alcohol or one hit of drugs for old times' sake.

Despite completing rehab successfully, you might not yet be strong enough to resist these tempting offers to get high or drunk again. Instead of moving back home and being around influences that might compromise your sobriety, you can move into a sober living house.

In this house, you will be around other people who, like you, are overcoming drug and alcohol dependencies. You will also have house leaders who may be from the rehab program you completed and can provide a safe house to live in that is free from influences that can cause you to lapse back into dependency.

Getting Structure and Responsibility

The sober living house you move into may also provide you with structure and responsibility. You might have chores in the home that are your responsibility to take care of each day. You may have to cook, wash dishes, make your bed and take out the trash, to name a few.

Likewise, you might be expected to find and keep a job. This structure and responsibility can instill a sense of accomplishment and pride that you lacked while you were using or drinking. They also fill your time and help you avoid the temptation to drink or use again.

Sober living can benefit you after a stint in rehab. It can keep you away from environments and friends that might lead to your relapse into addiction. It can also provide you with much-needed structure and responsibilities.